TUITION & FEES 2018-2019

Saint Agatha School provides a high quality education in the Roman Catholic tradition. One of the goals of our parish community is to make Catholic School tuition accessible to as many families as possible. As you review the tuition schedule for this school year, please keep in mind the actual cost of educating each student exceeds the tuition amount charged; and there is a slight increase in tuition each academic year. Through the generosity and support of our parish community and school families, we are able to continue our mission to provide a high quality Catholic education to as many families as possible.

(One Time and Non-Refundable)
(One Time and Applied to Tuition)
(Applied to Tuition)
Kindergarten $5,105 $50 $300 $150
One Child $5,105 $50 $300 $150
Two Children $9,570 $100 $600 $300
Three Children $13155 $150 $900 $450
Four Children $16,505 $200 $1,200 $600

Per Child $7,565 $50 $300 $150


Families must pay their tuition bill in one of two ways through FACTS Tuition Management

1) Full payment of tuition by July 1 through FACTS. There is no FACTS Annual Enrollment Fee when paying in full.

2) Ten automatic monthly payments or four quarterly payments through the FACTS Payment Plan.

FACTS payments start in July. Payments can be made on the 5th or 20th of the month. FACTS payments can be made through checking or savings accounts or VISA or MasterCard. Please note, payments made through a credit card are assessed an additional charge for processing. If you choose to pay through your checking or savings account, you will authorize your bank to automatically transfer your tuition bill from the account. Please be assured that neither FACTS nor the school will have direct access to, or any knowledge about, the status of your bank account. Your bank makes the payment for you directly to FACTS on the day you authorize.

The Annual Enrollment Fee charged by FACTS is based on the following schedule and is non-refundable:

  1. Two payments - $10.00.

  2. Three to twelve payments - $43.00.

Parents who are unable to meet either of the two FACTS tuition payment options are responsible for advising the Pastor, and/or the principal that they are unable to make the tuition payment and why. Extraordinary circumstances will be dealt with as charitably as possible and all cases will be handled in a confidential manner. Failure to pay tuition without explanation is unacceptable.

Financial assistance is available from the Columbus Diocese and Saint Agatha School. Each applicant seeking assistance must apply for assistance at

In order for a family that is a member of the Saint Agatha Parish to qualify for in-parish tuition, the family must be actively participating members of Saint Agatha Parish. The Diocese of Columbus Department for Education states “in order for a family to be acknowledged by the parish as a ‘participating member’ it is necessary that they be registered in the parish, that they are recognized by the Pastor as a family participating in the sacramental life of the parish; that they contribute time and talent to the ministries of the parish; and in agreement with the Pastor, that they regularly contribute an appropriate portion of their annual income to the financial support of the parish.” Participating in stewardship and contributing regularly to the parish offertory are required. Participating membership will be evaluated yearly.

Students from other parishes enrolling in Saint Agatha School can receive a subsidy from their home parish. Per Diocesan Policy 3240.0 “Prior to enrolling a child from another parish, the receiving school must obtain written agreement regarding subsidy from the sending parish. It is the responsibility of the parents to obtain this information.” Each family must contact the parish at which they are registered to determine anticipated parish subsidy. This written agreement is to be submitted to the receiving school/parish office.

Student transfers from other schools in the Diocese of Columbus will be accepted only if tuition is current at that school.  

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