The Diocese of Columbus has an Acceptable Use Policy for Technology that pertains to our Faculty and Students. This policy is provided so that staff, community, and student users and the parents/guardians of students are aware of their responsibilities. Educational technologies must be used, both by Catholic educators and students, in a manner that is educationally appropriate and consistent with standards of electronic ethics and copyright law. All families of students in grades K-8 must sign the Technology Acceptable Use Policy form. Both student and parent or legal guardian must sign. Parental or legal guardian signatures indicate you are granting permission for your child to have access to all District technology resources available for students use. Internet behavior outside of school that does not reflect our philosophy and mission will be punishable by our Discipline Committee.

All classrooms are equipped with smart boards and NComputing technology that provides our students the learning tools to achieve academic success. Middle school students are provided laptops and iPads for special projects, while our computer lab houses desktop computers and printers for all student use. Strategic plans dedicated to technology updates are tangible and current. We look forward in the near future to upgrade our computer lab and offer our middle school students buy-to-own student tablets/laptops.

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